Author: Thomas Weichselbaumer

I’m a passionate web developer from Germany and create easy to use WordPress Themes and Plugins. In my free time I often play tennis or read some book!

Hello World

After my sporadic writing for over 10 years – most of the time my blogs were more inactive than active to be honest – I felt it is time to start my own personal blog. Not sure if this is a good idea and I can keep up with at least a few posts every year, but let’s just try. Nothing to lose here.

Right now I blog mostly on, but the blog has a very narrow focus on the WordPress software. It is also catered to WordPress beginners and my tutorials about WordPress development got not the attention I hoped for. One huge barriere was of course the language, since I write in German there.

For some time now I really wanted to write more about web development and share my thoughts with the whole community, which should be easier in English. The main topic here will be WordPress of course, but I’m also learning a lot of JavaScript lately, including React, React Native and Next.js.

Besides the obvious subjects for a web developer, I guess I will occasionally share some things about being an entrepreneur, running my own business or working remote and staying healthy. I have no strict plan and will just write when I find the time and muse to do so, so expect a very irregular post schedule.

Thanks so much for reading!