My WordPress Projects

I discovered WordPress in 2008 and kind of stuck fell in love with it. I got deeply involved in the community and have built dozens of themes and plugins since then. In fact, my whole professional career is based on its great platform. You can read my whole origin story in this blog post about my history with WordPress.

Easy to use Magazine WordPress Themes

In 2010, I founded my first WordPress theme shop. ThemeZee offers Magazine & Blogging themes and has a strong emphasis on a simple setup and configuration process, without providing too many features and complicated setting panels. What is also unique is the business model: All themes are available for free on and there is a premium add-on plugin for each theme.

Simple Gutenberg Blocks and Business WordPress Themes

GermanThemes is my brand-new project focused on the new Block Editor. The theme shop includes a bunch of Gutenberg Blocks made with small business websites in mind, and a few simple themes to start of. Right now I’m experimenting with creating WordPress themes made entirely out of blocks.

Me blogging about WordPress (in German) is my blog geared to the WordPress community in Germany. I mostly write about WordPress news, interesting WordPress plugins, tutorials about WordPress development or my WordPress business, so everything is about WordPress there.