A short summary about my past work as a software developer

First Chapter: Learning everything

2006: I started to work at Fujitsu Siemens Computers by pursuing a three year long vocational training to become an IT specialist (Fachinformatiker). The dual training is a unique system in Germany that mixes both theory and practice with time spent in school and a real company. I learned a ton about computers there.

2009: I got very passionate about web development. On the day of my 20th birthday, I registered my own company to work as a freelance WordPress developer on the side. I also finished my training at Fujitsu Siemens and went back to school for one year in order to be able to study at a university later on.

2010: Instead of going to university directly, I decided to really give my own business a shot. After using WordPress since 2008 I saw a chance and founded my own WordPress theme shop named ThemeZee.

2011: It turned out I was not good at selling stuff. I was totally broke after one year running my theme shop. Consequently I did go to university to study business administration and learn more about how to run a business successfully. I released all my themes on WordPress.org for free since they did not earn any money.

2012: I mainly concentrated on my studies this year. My free themes were used quite a lot and got popular, and there was finally some traffic on my website. As result ThemeZee was generating a few hundred bucks per month with affiliate ads for other theme shops, which was a nice side income as a student.

Second Chapter: Working a lot

2013: The users of my free themes kept asking about new features, so at the end of 2012, I launched a theme club offering some upsell premium themes. And after three years in, things really took off at that point.

2014: I got an invitation to launch one of my themes on the WordPress.com platform, which was another major turning point. My time shifted more and more to business and work instead of studying.

2015: ThemeZee enters the German-speaking market with a completely translated website and docs.

2016: Finally got my bachelor’s degree in business administration. I created the Theme Coder blog to write about WordPress and get more recognition for my themes in the German-speaking market.

2017: Pretty much working all the time and releasing a ton of new themes, updates and blog posts.

2018: Business is still good, but there are new challenges on the horizon. The new Gutenberg Editor in WordPress will disrupt everything, so I started to learn JavaScript and React deeply.

Third Chapter: Starting new adventures

2019: I turned 30 and celebrated 10 years of self-employment on the same day. And I felt it was time for new adventures. I launched GermanThemes, a new theme shop focused on the Block Editor and made with small business websites in mind. I also got very interested in Machine Learning and did once again enroll in a university to study Artificial Intelligence in my spare time.